14th International Congress of Asian Planning Schools Association

  • 24-05-2017
  • 00:00 WITA
  • pustipad
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Asia: Reshaping urban and rural development through planning

As the world enter the “urban era”, both urban and rural areas are facing unprecedented challenges. While the urban areas are overburdened with urban diseases, such as population explosion, housing shortage, traffic congestion, and environmental pollution, the rural areas are also suffering from various rural diseases, such as population decreasing, demographic aging, farmland abandonment, and village decaying. It implies the breaking of the traditional coordinated urban-rural balance to some extent, which dangers the sustainable development of both the urban and rural areas, as well as that of a region or even a country. During this process, planning, as one of the most significant tools of public intervention, play both a positive and negative role in shaping the urban and rural development. As for Asia, which is unique for its long farming civilization in history and notable for its high-density and large-scale megacities nowadays, planning is far more influential. In the new era, how to rebuild a new balance between the urban and rural areas to promote coordinated urban-rural development through planning is a common and urgent issue for all Asian countries. The 14th APSA congress entitled as “Asia: Reshaping urban and rural development through planning” will bring together scholars, students, planners, and government officials from all over Asia to exchange their ideas and experiences on urban and rural development, providing valuable Asia wisdom in urban and rural development for the world.